Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions apply to all lessons

General Terms and Conditions apply to all lessons

1. First Single Trial Payment is required 5-10 minutes prior to the class commencing. After this lesson, payment of the next months' lessons is required on that same day to secure your rebooking.
2. Following this, regular Lesson Fees will be due the LAST WEEK of each month to secure your rebooking for the following week. Late payments will incur a late charge of $10. Lessons will not resume until payment of the fees and any late payment fee is settled. Payments must be received by the due date to secure your booking for the next week.
3. We have a strict "no credit policy" and reserve the right to refuse teaching a student until fees are paid in full.
4. If the student is running late for their lesson, the class will still finish on time as this affects our later classes. Your assistance to arrive on time and to notify us if you are running late is appreciated.
5. There may be times when your regular teacher is sick and unavailable (annual leave etc). In these cases we reserve the right to conduct your lesson with another vocal coach, let you know of your cancelled lessons at the earliest hour, or offer a make up lesson when your teacher or another teacher is available.
6. Students who are rude or threatening will not be re-enrolled past their current months pre paid lessons and we reserve the right to discontinue enrolment when students have breached our terms and conditions.
7. There is NO credit/refund for monies paid for lessons not able to be attended.
8. We are closed on all gazetted Public Holidays with no Lessons for that day. Your monthly payment will be adjusted to reflect these closures.

Lesson Cancellations & Rescheduling

If a lesson cannot be attended, The Vocal Studio reception requires 24hrs (previous day 7pm) notice by email to admin@thevocalstudio.com or Phone +65-6950-0465 (Leave a WhatsApp message). Lessons not attended will be forfeited. (The only exception to this is in the case of illness where a Medical Certificate is provided). We understand that the majority of late cancellations are due to factors like work, school commitments and other things out of your control, however we ask for your understanding that the school and your vocal coach have already set aside this timeslot for the day for your lesson. If you can't attend your lesson, the Vocal Coach will still have to be remunerated, and this is why we will still charge for the lesson.

For Late cancellations due to sudden Medical or other emergency situations, we practice a case by case basis. If you can provide a Medical Certificate, then we will arrange a make up lesson for you. The make up lesson will need to be taken BEFORE your next scheduled lesson and it may be with another vocal coach if your regular coach is not available. However, if you fail to promptly inform us of your absence due to the reasons above, then we reserve the right not to provide a makeup lesson for you.

   Happy Hour Enrolment Students:  no free changes are permitted once lessons have been booked except for MC,
   and there will be $10 extra charge for any requested rescheduling.
   Standard Enrolment Students: You are permitted 1 (ONE) lesson free-reschedule per month - ONLY IF you provide
  one day's notice. Cancellations made on the day of your lesson result in a forfeit, with no exceptions. All lessons not
  attended will be forfeited. If you can provide a Medical Certificate then this is the only exception to the rule.
   2-3 PAX group Students, For 2 person group classes, a 30 minute makeup lesson will be arranged for the person
  who was sick.

Our Vocal Coaches may also fall sick and if this occurs, we reserve the right to replace him/her with another Vocal Coach, or to inform you at the earliest hour of your lesson cancellation. We seek your understanding in both cases.

Flexi Lessons
This is because we have a waitlist for students who are able to attend each week and we need to make this available to those students who are able to commit to their lessons If you can only attend lessons on a FLEXI Basis (ie booking lessons irregularly, no fixed timeslot), we will also be able to accommodate you, but the fees will be higher than our regular costs. Please contact us about this. Late cancellation forfeit of the lesson still applies.

Regular Timeslots
If you are unable to attend your regular lesson timing for 2 weeks out of the month, we will not be able to continue to reserve this fixed timeslot for you. This is because we have a waitlist for students who are able to attend each week and we need to make this available to those students who are able to commit to their lessons.