Lesson Format

Private Vocal Tuition

Students at The Vocal Studio will learn Lauren Dogan's method of "Effortless Singing" that she has developed over more than 13 years experience as an Australian Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach. Lauren continues to keep informed of current Vocal Pedagogy and research so that our students can benefit from and continually improve their voices. Our Singing lessons focus on using the principles of Diaphragm Breathing and more importantly the correct application of Lauren's unique technique of Diaphragm Support.

  • Lessons received by our Vocal Coaches are taught under Lauren Dogan's strict guidelines and instruction
  • Lesson plans have been designed by Lauren Dogan and her Vocal Coaches are trained in how to conduct each and every weekly lesson
  • All coaches are given constant training and mentoring by Lauren
  • Lauren Dogan has developed a Vocal Training CD for both Male and Female which improve particular areas of the voice and are used in conjunction with the lessons taken.

Learning Style

Whether a student has had years of experience and previous vocal training with other teachers, or no formal training at all - there is no hard + fast rule as to who has acquired a better technique.

Lauren strongly believes that information is not simply transferred from one individual to another, we all have unique life experiences and learning paths that shape how we process and understand new information. Some students may need more visual aides to learn new concepts, some may need aural guide or others needs a combination of both in addition to having technical information.

It is because of these reasons that although a student has had singing lessons before, we can’t assume that they are able to properly apply correct vocal technique.

Students who have not had vocal lessons before can either be a blank canvas or in need of vocal rehabilitation to correct bad vocal techniques that have developed through years of mis-using their voice.Due to this reason - all students are taught or re-taught the correct method of deep breathing (diaphragm breathing) and vocal support (diaphragm support) before progressing further. After this has been established, lessons are tailored to suit the individual’s needs/requirements.

Our Technique

Learn how to "sing effortlessly" using the correct method of Diaphragm Breathing and Lauren's unique technique of Diaphragm Support. Lessons focus on developing confidence, learning and applying pitch accuracy and control, tonal quality, vocal elasticity, projection, stage craft and much more in a patient, supportive, and challenging environment.

Singing Lessons are tailored

Each student has an individual lesson plan that changes due to the student’s progress and is focused on improving their ‘weak spots’ and enhancing their ‘strong suits’.

Regular feedback is provided at each lesson so that the student is aware of what we have achieved in the class and what their practise for that week should be.

If it is apparent that a student is not improving due to lack of interest or desire to practise, then an open conversation can determine whether lessons are still beneficial to achieve the student’s goals.