Lesson Format

Private Vocal Tuition (1:1 or Small Group)

We provide customised vocal lessons for students who want to improve their voice and singing skills. Whether the students are complete beginners or ‘tone deaf’, or amateur or professional singers, we are here to bring your voice to the next level. Our coaches continue to keep ourselves informed of current Vocal Pedagogy and research so that students can benefit from it, and continually improve their voices.

  • Each Lesson consists of Warm up - Fundamentals – Song Learning – Cool down & Review
  • Fundamentals: In order to hold a note, sing low or high registers, do large jumps or vocal acrobatics, we need the support of our diaphragm and various controlling skills to make it effortless. In vocal lessons, we break down the vocal and singing anatomy into step by step exercises to strengthen and sculpt how your voice would sound in time to come.
  • Song Learning: Our focus on song learning shifts from achieving basic techniques of each genre or the singer to establishing student’s own singing style. In order to tackle each challenge, coaches utilize physical explanation, description, demonstration and apply the most effective method for each student.
  • Recording and Performing opportunities – Students can join our quarterly performance day and End of Year Recital event be on the stage and show what they have learned in front of the audience. Also, we offer recording sessions as part of our lesson for the students who want to check the progress of their singing and own a vocal track for themselves.

Learning Style

When it comes to finding your voice, we have our favourite 3 E approach to help you find your own voice: “Exposure, Experiment, and Emotion”.

  • Exposure is about building your repertoire by choosing the appropriate songs to build your skills and abilities while exploring different styles.
  • Experiment is about delving into the techniques that will be specific to each genre, style, and rhythm that would help you expand your singing technique vocabulary.
  • Emotions! When you are comfortable with the various techniques at your fingertips, emotion comes easily to express any song that you wish to sing your way!

Singing Lessons are Custom-Tailored

In the first (trial) Lesson, our coaches give comprehensive feedback on your voice and singing and set individualized goals for future lessons.

During the lessons, we engage students observe and watch the coaches’ guide and actively apply it to their singing. Every technique is received and interpreted differently by each person and each student. Therefore, constant crosschecking and experimenting is the key for students to fully digest and build their own singing skills in the best way. The lesson is always open for students to ask questions, explore differently, and be creative, and our coaches are open to take fresh steps with students.