Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson Format?

Customized 1:1 or small group classes (2-3 people)

Breathing & Scale exercises: This is for all students to be able to build up the basic singing technique. The emphasis is on how to do diaphragm breathing for effortless singing.

Student-centred vocal coaching: The Vocal Studio teachers have many years of experience in teaching various vocal techniques and help students apply effective exercises based on their strengths and needs, tone, singing style. Most importantly we know how to have fun in singing!


Special Genre with performing artists

You can join special group workshops or have private lessons with the vocal coaches who specialize in varoius genre. Not only can you learn the singing techniques, you can fully immerse yourself into the authentic music and culture! 

Broadway Musical — Bollywood — Latin — Kpop — Hip Hop & Beatbox 

Course Length?

1-3 months: Diaphragm breathing, basic scale, projection, articulation, finding your own voice

3-6 months: Applying the scale to songs, advanced scale exercise, rhythm and groove, performance skill

9 months ~: Diverse techniques, complex scale exercise, Song mastering

We recommend at least 6-12 months for lessons to see a marked improvement in your voice. 80% of our students continue for longer than this, with a large percentage of our students taking lessons with us for 2-5 years continuously. Lessons continue for as long as students are improving and enjoying their classes. Lessons are taken weekly. Obviously the longer a student continues vocal training, the more advanced they become. Lessons are tailored to suit the individual needs of the student."

Regular Recitals?

We host at least 5-6 recitals each and every year to provide our regular students with an opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Our students range in age from 7 years to seniors, so it is always an entertaining evening! These are a great way to get stage experience and they serve as a goal to work towards. We can have a maximum of approx 25 students per recital, so when your coach believes you are ready, and you would like to perform, we start the process of preparing you!

Certificates and Awards?

At our annual End of Year Concert - all students that have been taking lessons continuously throughout the year will be presented with either a Trophy or Certificate of Encouragement, Progress, Excellent Progress or Outstanding Achievement.

30 minute vs 60 minute private lessons?

It is up to you what lesson duration you would like to book in for. Both provide enough time to learn the techniques and apply this to singing, however we have found that Complete Amateurs and Beginners seem to benefit and enjoy the hour long lesson as it provides more time to understand and apply the technique.

As you will be learning how to sing correctly using our Vocal Techniques - you may find that the 60 minute lesson is more beneficial and enjoyable simply due to having more time - however both the 30 minute and 60 minute lesson will provide enough time to learn these and apply these techniques