The Coaches

Romeo Dumaguing

Vocal Coach

Romeo was still a junior student at university when he realized his desire to hep individuals explore their singing talents. With the aid of his imagination and his singing voice which he had developed across the years through practice and exposure, he wrote and directed mini-musicals, combined songs for mash-ups, and had them performed with his friends and classmates who were mostly first-timers singing o stage. With this feat, along with numerous solo performances in campus programs, he became a recipient of the Best Performer in Music award upon graduation.
As a "very personal" hobby, singing has made a great impact on Romeo's personality. He was once a very shy person, but through consistent practice and regular public singing, he has regained remarkable composure and this boosted his confidence tremendously. Now, he can practically "sing any time- anywhere", with an ability to take on different genres of songs. All in all, Romeo considers this as one of his greatest achievements in life. Singing in an art that he celebrates during his free time at home with his lovely wife and two daughters and also when he has the opportunity at weddings, parties, and singing competitions.  
As a singing teacher, Romeo believes that not all gifted people are born to become stars, but rather, some of them are meant to bring out the star in a person. For him, molding people to become the best they can be is far nobler than being under the spotlight yourself. Through this chosen profession, he offers a hand to aspiring singers who are hoping to be heard. With his 25 years experience in singing, singing, 16 years of working in the education industry, he believes he has what it takes to bring out the inner voices, if not the star, in his individual students whilst teaching them the TVS Lesson Program.