The Coaches

Hanna Ma


As a singer, educator and music therapist, Hanna takes a holistic approach in understanding singing - not purely as a vocal technique, but a musical expression of self. 
Her musical experience comes from 12 years of school choir in Korea and  US, and she received musical theatre training at Seoul Musical Art Center. As a singer and actor she performed at various places and built a strong foundation for singing. 
She graduated Ewha Womans University with B.A. in Psychology and Education, and worked with children and teenagers for many years as a musical director, training the vocal skills as well as character building. She also directed 2 childrens song ablums. 
With the passion for understanding and applying therapeutic effect of music, she achieved Masters Degree in Music Therapy, and has worked as music therapist and supervisor in various cultures including Korea, UAE, and Singapore. Her music theray work includes vocal/ instrumental/ body movement for cognitive, emotional, physical improvement and rehabilitation. 
Her purpose as a vocal trainer and music therapist is in finding the inner voice in people and letting it shine through music and singing.