The Coaches

Bojana Fabel

Vocal Coach

Bojana has over 10 years of singing & teaching experience with a wide spectrum of music she has studied across Europe including traditional Balkan music, Jazz, pop, folk and Gypsy music. 

A rising star back home in Macedonia, Bojana has already been invited to perform three times for the Macedonian president at his home. Her prodigious career began at the age of eight, singing with choirs and at festivals, recording studios and television shows. She won Macedonian best vocal award at the age of 12, and best interpretation award while studying at the prestigious Ilija Nikolovski Luj Music high school. She continued her Classical singing in Swiss conservatoire Populaire de Musique and holds a diploma in Musicolinguistique (Musicolinguistics- the study of the cognition, or thought patterns, of music and linguistics). Bojana further extended her scope of music at London College of Music, majoring in Popular Music Studies at the University of West London.
As an avid learner and professional vocal coach, she takes an extra effort to explore give directions, understands students' background thus giving them clarity, guidance and a direction to follow but most importantly helping them find their own unique voice and expression in singing, which she believes is the biggest challenge and the right.

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