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The Vocal Studio Singapore conveniently located off Orchard Road; specialises in Private Vocal Tuition for all ages of students as young as 7 years old and up to 100 years young! Catering to all Contemporary Vocal Styles (not Classical or Opera) for the absolute Beginner student who may have been told that they were "tone deaf" or the Professional Singer who needs work on their technique and repertoire; The Vocal Studio Singapore can help you "find your inner voice".

Meet Our Coaches

Our experienced Singing Coaches are able to cater to all levels of ability and experience. Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that you get the results you are looking for; whether that be looking to just improve your singing voice and confidence, getting ready to record tracks in the studio, or preparing you or preparing you to get up in front of your colleagues at your next work karaoke session; we can help!

Lauren Dogan


For more than 13 years, Lauren Dogan has been an Australian and International Singing teacher, Vocal coach and Professional singer and has taught students of all ages and levels including Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, Professional singers, Original artists and members of Government organisations helping them to achieve their singing goals.

Two of her current students released their own debut albums in 2012, Berry Ni and Richard Kohler.

She studied music from early childhood, including ABRSM Classical Piano from 7 to 14 years old and studied Music majoring in voice throughout her school education.

She is a Full member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing(NATS) and received a Distinction in Grade 8 Vocal Examinations through the Trinity College of London.

Lauren continues to keep informed of current vocal pedagogy and research so that both herself and her coaches can continue to offer the highest level of vocal coaching to our students.

Lauren is a very patient teacher and excels at bringing out the inner voice from all of her students, especially those who lack confidence in themselves and their vocal ability.

Her love of teaching stems from her passion to see students achieve their goals and the satisfaction of helping them develop into confident performers at any age.

Her caring, calm and encouraging demeanor helps bring out the best in her students regardless of whether they are young children or mature aged adults.

Lauren has developed a tried and true method to help students develop proper diaphragm support, with her fine ear she has also helped countless students with poor pitch, Lauren is able to completely turn students around by improving their pitch and helping them with the song selection best suited to their singing ability.

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  • Janiz Ong

    Vocal Coach

    Janiz is an Honours Degree graduate (Pop Vocals Maj. ) of  Lasalle College of the Art and she has been a music instructor working at various singing schools around Singapore for the past 2 years.

    Janiz started learning the piano at 6 years of age, began performing at school concerts and various public performances from the age of 12. She continues to perform at numerous events, shopping malls and other gigs throughout Singapore.

    During her polytechnic years, she took up acappella singing to help her understand the level of blending, harmonizing, balancing dynamics and tonality which brought her to a higher level of singing.

    Equipped with knowledge of both theory and practical, Janiz learnt her music technological skills form both of her diploma and degree course. She was taught to be an all-rounder musician besides just playing your own instrument.

    She is passionate about teaching and helping others "Find their inner voice" using Lauren Dogan's technique of "Effortless Singing" and unique TVS Lesson Program.

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  • Romeo Dumaguing

    Vocal Coach

    Romeo was still a junior student at university when he realized his desire to hep individuals explore their singing talents. With the aid of his imagination and his singing voice which he had developed across the years through practice and exposure, he wrote and directed mini-musicals, combined songs for mash-ups, and had them performed with his friends and classmates who were mostly first-timers singing o stage. With this feat, along with numerous solo performances in campus programs, he became a recipient of the Best Performer in Music award upon graduation.

    As a "very personal" hobby, singing has made a great impact on Romeo's personality. He was once a very shy person, but through consistent practice and regular public singing, he has regained remarkable composure and this boosted his confidence tremendously. Now, he can practically "sing any time- anywhere", with an ability to take on different genres of songs. All in all, Romeo considers this as one of his greatest achievements in life. Singing in an art that he celebrates during his free time at home with his lovely wife and two daughters and also when he has the opportunity at weddings, parties, and singing competitions.  

    As a singing teacher, Romeo believes that not all gifted people are born to become stars, but rather, some of them are meant to bring out the star in a person. For him, molding people to become the best they can be is far nobler than being under the spotlight yourself. Through this chosen profession, he offers a hand to aspiring singers who are hoping to be heard. With his 25 years experience in singing, singing, 16 years of working in the education industry, and the guidance and continued training form Lauren Dogan and her technique of "Effortless Singing", he believes he has what it takes to bring out the inner voices, if not the star, in his individual students whilst teaching them the TVS Lesson Program.

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  • Hirfana Jazmin

    Vocal Coach

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  • Serene Lim

    Vocal Coach

    Serene, being an only child, her dream was always to become a singer. Coming from a strict and conservative family, where pursuing a music career in Singapore didn’t seem like a bright future, she had always been struggling to find her way through music. Singing became the light of her life. “Whatever happens in life, with music, with my voice, it brought me to whole new place. Whenever I am down or struggling through life, music always helps me get through them” said Serene.

    At the age of 12, Serene took up singing classes to find her inner voice - she was taught by one of Singapore’s renowned singer-songwriter. She then joined various singing competitions and performed at school concerts, talent competitions, public performances, events and gigs around Singapore. Some of the more prominent ones were:

    Clinching Top 10 in English Category (The Ultimate Voice)

    Performing @ Shuffle Bistro Bar

    Performed at Holiday Inn

    While her dreams of becoming a singer haven’t worked out (yet), nevertheless she still tries and hasn’t given up hope. “I always say, anything is possible if you just believe. Sounds cheesy but remember impossible equals I am possible” says Serene cheerfully. Since then she has only had one goal - to share what she has learned and achieved over the years to inspire and help others achieve their singing goals - “Teaching is my stepping-stone, let me inspire and show you how to achieve effortless singing with interesting and fun filled lessons like never before.”

    Having had 2 years of experience as a vocal coach, she is well equipped with the knowledge and experiences to help her students find their inner voice. She also self-taught herself to play the guitar. Serene believes that there is no right or wrong when it comes to singing. Singing is something from within,  a combination of passion and emotion that turns a simple melody into something magical and magnificent.

    She is passionate about teaching and helping others "Find their inner voice" using Lauren Dogan's technique of "Effortless Singing" and unique TVS Lesson Program.

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